The long anticipated Radiance: An Eloist Anthology 1904-1999, Being a Collection of the Books, Essays, Lectures, Inspirational Writings and “Dawn Writings” of The Eloists has gone to press and should be available by early autumn 2022.

The physical construction of the Eloist Anthology is identical to the Eloist edition of Oahspe because we intend to eventually offer them as a “set.”

However, those who already possess an “Eloist Edition of Oahspe” (whether by purchase from us, from Amazon, or received as a “gift”) will be eligible to receive a copy of our anthology free of charge. No strings. No hidden agenda. All that will be required will be to email us at theeloists@gmail.com stating:

  1. Your desire to receive a copy of our Eloist anthology.
  2. Affirm that you already possess an Eloist edition of Oahspe (honor system), and have at least a rudimentary appreciation of its contents to affirm that it is amenable to your views. This is because you will have little use for our anthology if you find Oahspe objectionable. (This is required.)
  3. State your name and address for shipping purposes.

That’s it. This offer is limited to those who possess an Eloist edition of Oahspe. This offer may be withdrawn at any time without notice and will be offered only as long as a limited “earmarked” supply lasts.