About Oahspe

The title of the book, Oahspe, means literally “Sky, Earth and Spirit” (“O” for sky, “ah” for earth and “spe” for spirit). The book is a product of automatic writing, which occurred through the hands of a medium, Dr. John B. Newbrough, over the course of one year (1881) in New York City. The book stated that it was written by an overshadowing of angelic beings, who are not a separate order in creation, but are actually our elder brothers and sisters, once mortals like us, but now high-raised in wisdom through countless years of growth and experience. They stated that Oahspe is not a perfect book, nor is it the alpha and omega of knowledge. Rather, it is like a traveler’s guide to greater spiritual growth and understanding. Its purpose is to give us an insight, while yet in mortality, of what the world of spirit is really like, and what the general history of the world has been. As a result, it gives us greater clarity regarding our true purpose and destiny as the immortal, eventually angelic, souls that we are.

Oahspe is easily the most unique book in the English language. Its objective is formidable, for it states that within its pages it has “herein made known the plan of [the Creator’s] delightful creations, for the resurrection of the peoples of the earth.” Oahspe also states that the book’s purpose is “to teach mortals how to attain to hear the Creator’s voice, and to see His Heavens, in full consciousness, whilst still living on the earth; and to know of a truth the place and condition awaiting them after death.”

If you are able to comprehend Oahspe’s mind-expanding perspective on the universe that we inhabit both now and in an eternal future, and if you are able to free your mind of the shackles of the limited teachings of the past, it will bring you to a state of understanding that will change your life. You will never see the earth, its people, or the stars above your head in the same way ever again.

An open copy of Oahspe on a patio table. Built-in bookmark ribbons are visible, as is a portrait of Thothma.