All new 2016 “Eloist Edition”

This definitive volume is the first completely re-typeset, hardcover edition of Oahspe published in the USA since 1891. Oahspe has gone through at least six editions and over 20 printings in the USA and England since 1882.

All prior editions were either taken from the original 1891 electroplates or a photocopy of the 1882 edition.

This 8.5”x11” hardcover volume is nearly 900 pages in length, gilded, silk-like lining, and with two ribbon markers. Constructed of only the most durable materials available.  This edition has undergone an intensive, five-year editing process.

This is a beautifully constructed “coffee table”-sized book that any true bibliophile would be proud to display.

Brick and mortar stores may order copies of Oahspe from the Eloists, Inc. for sale completely risk free on a consignment basis by request.

Oahspe closed on table in garden

Ordering instructions

Order our edition of Oahspe from Amazon.

Or, please follow this two-step procedure to order from the Eloists directly (which does improve our “bottom line”):

  1. Mail a personal check or postal money order for US$30 (price per volume, post paid) payable to “The Eloists, Inc.” to: The Eloists, Inc., P.O. Box O, Duxbury, MA 02331-0616, USA.
  2. When your check has been mailed, be sure to follow-up your order with an email to:, stating:
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Books typically ship by UPS or USPS on the next business day after the order is confirmed by reply to your e-mail.

Note: Failure to complete this two step process could result in a substantial delay in the shipping of your order.

Oahspe open on table in garden